Artist's Statement

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Artist Statement

I’ve been called a lot of things in my life but for this purpose I’m a representational painter. 

I paint odes on objects, portraits of things.

I strive for verisimilitude not exactitude. My interest is re-interpreting an object and not replicating it.

My paintings are my way of assimilating the world around me. Common objects such as books, shoes and clouds are deconstructed in my head and reconstructed with my hands.

Composition and proportion play a large role in my work. It is just as important how an image sits on a page as what the image is. 

I aim for originality. Discovering my own truths by building on previous discoveries, I count Thiebaud, Dine and Diebenkorn - among others - as my visual touchstones.

I love painting. It’s about exploration and that’s exciting. When it’s going well it’s alchemy in the studio, a magic act in pigments. 

There’s nothing quite so intoxicating to me as the sights and smells of my studio which is why it’s the first place I go every morning and the last place I leave every night.

Jeff Robinson



Jeff Robinson